Office Space Planning and Relocations

Interior space should not only work efficiently but also provide a pleasant environment for those who spend their day there.

We offer an office space planning and relocation service that will endeavour to get the most out of your space to fit with your business operations and provide a pleasant and comfortable place to be. If it’s more space you need then we can assist with that too. Perhaps a restack of your existing space or a complete office move to a new site! We have the experience and resource to work with your management team and/or take total control of the project on your behalf.

Office Space Planning and Relocations

Office Space Planning

Space planning

Improve performance by creating an inspiring yet efficient environment for your staff. From discussing your needs we will work with you to plan the improvements necessary to optimise the functionality of your office space. We can take all existing mechanical and electrical elements into consideration; lighting, ventilation, electrical/data provisions and work around these or if your budget allows create a whole new environment from scratch.

Our range of partitioning and storage systems can work well with your existing furniture or we can provide a range of furniture and storage solutions too?

If it’s a small alteration, perhaps the removal of an office to enlarge your open plan environment, or even to create a larger office or new conference room, we can source the right materials and systems to match your existing scheme.


Nothing ever stays still!   As your business develops, your staff may grow or change the way in which they work. With new I.T. technology for instance, desks can be smaller allowing extra space for other functions. With mergers and Take-overs becoming more frequent, fluctuation in head counts numbers and functions will influence the need to adapt the space to work with your unique business needs – less or more floor space may be required and perhaps its time to consider moving to a new business property?

We can provide a project manager to work alongside you and help understand the potential of your existing building or look at the options in understanding the suitability of a new one.

We can then plan and manage your move at a time to suit you. Our project manager will prepare a project plan and programme for your approval and take control in implementing it.

If you’re happy to manage it yourselves, then we can just do the lifting providing packing crates and transport.